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Condensed Statements of Cash Flows (Unaudited)

Condensed Statements of Cash Flows (Unaudited) - USD ($)
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2020
Mar. 31, 2019
Cash Flows from Operating Activities:    
Net income (loss) $ 179,260 $ (15,517)
Adjustments to reconcile net income (loss) to net cash used in operating activities:    
Interest earned on marketable securities held in Trust Account (754,199)
Amortization of right of use asset 33,878
Changes in operating assets and liabilities:    
Prepaid expenses (56,954)
Accrued expenses 175,380
Net cash used in operating activities (422,635) (15,517)
Cash Flows from Financing Activities:    
Proceeds from issuance of Class B ordinary shares to Sponsor 25,000
Proceeds from promissory note - related party 150,803
Payment of offering costs (127,277)
Net cash provided by financing activities 0 48,526
Net Change in Cash (422,635) 33,009
Cash - Beginning 1,005,831
Cash - Ending 583,196 33,009
Non-Cash Investing and Financing Activities:    
Change in value of ordinary shares subject to possible redemption 179,266
Right of use asset acquired through lease liability $ 297,723